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This data set is a collection of daily, decadal, monthly values of different variables of water and heat balance measured at the network of water balance stations and research watersheds in the former Soviet Union.
This research is currently conducted by Hydrograph Model Research Group. It is supported by Russian Foundation for Basic Research (grant no 12-05-92607) and Gidrotehproekt Ltd.
Data are available as EXCEL files via website

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Current Temporal Coverage
Start Date: 1948-01-01
Stop Date: 1990-12-31

Spatial Coverage
The territory of the former USSR and Russia

Data Set Citation
Semenova O., Lebedeva L., Vinogradov A. Historical data of small research watersheds of the former USSR and Russia. 2013. Gidrotehproekt Ltd. St. Petersburg, Russia. Digital media (

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First Lower Yenisei Observatory Network workshop, summer 2015, Krasnoyarsk - Igarka
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15th ERB Conference “Advances in Hydrologic Research on Pristine, Rural and Urban Small Basins” September 9-13, 2014
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Nizhnedevitskaya Water Balance Station (NWBS)

Project ID 34


Location: Don River basin, 51.55o Lat, 38.37o  Long

Area: 103 km2

Climate: temperate continental

Landscape: forest-steppe

Soil: chernozem

Relief: hilly plain with elevation range 120 to 260 m

Period of operation: 1948-pres.

Number of discharge gauges: 9

Mean annual temperature: 5.7°С

Mean annual precipitation: 553 mm


Our publications

Lebedeva L., Semenova O. (2011) Evaluation of climate change impact on soil and snow processes in small watersheds of European part of Russia using various scenarios of climate. Die Bodenkultur - Journal for land management, food and environment. 62, 77-82



View of the typical landscape of Nizhnedevitskaya Water Balance Station (photo from

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Dataset Creators: Olga Semenova, Liudmila Lebedeva, compilers
Dataset Title: Historical data of small research and experimental watersheds of the former USSR and Russia
Current Dataset Release Date: 2013-04-06
Current Dataset Version: 2013.1
Dataset Release Place: St. Petersburg, Russia
Dataset Publisher: Gidrotehproekt Ltd
Online Resource:

Olga M. Semenova
Contact Address:
Gidrotehproekt Ltd., pr. Toreza 44-2
City: St. Petersburg
Postal Code: 194223
Country: Russia

Liudmila S. Lebedeva
Contact Address:
Nansen International Environmental and Remote Sensing Centre, 7, 14th Line V.O.
City: St. Petersburg
Postal Code: 199034
Country: Russia

Проект выполняется при финансовой поддержке РФФИ в рамках гранта № 12-05-92607, а также на средства ООО «НПО «Гидротехпроект».
The project is partially supported by Gidrotehproekt Ltd. and RFBR, research grant No. 12-05-92607.

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