Project ID: 8

Modeling of runoff formation process for the watersheds in Costa-Rica
(Costa Rica)

Area: small scale (100 - 1000 km2)

River: Reventazon-Parismina

List of basins:

  • Cachi, Embalse, 743 km2
  • Reventazon-Parismina, Palomo, 371 km2
  • Reventazon, Puente Negro, 273 km2

Country: Costa Rica

Landscape: mountainous

Climate: tropical

Partner: the Instituto Costarricense de Electrificación (ICE, Costa Rican Institute of Electricity)

Grant Number: National Weather Service Office of International Activities under the WMO VCP program

Year: 2009

The objective of the project was to demonstrate the application of the Hydrograph model for the conditions of Central America


Reventazon, Puente Negro: Observed and simulated runoff