Who are we?

Вторые Виноградовские Чтения. Искусство гидрологии
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First Lower Yenisei Observatory Network workshop, summer 2015, Krasnoyarsk - Igarka
Pre-workshop flyers in Russian and English are attached

15th ERB Conference “Advances in Hydrologic Research on Pristine, Rural and Urban Small Basins” September 9-13, 2014
will be held in Portugal. The flyer of the conference is attached.

Yury Vinogradov – an outstanding Russian hydrologist, modeler, philosopher of science, the author and inspirer of the Hydrograph model. 

Prof. Vinogradov is unique in his depth of thoughts and width of knowledge. Specialist in deterministic and stochastic hydrology, debris flows and other catastrophic hydrological events; experimenter and innovator. 
Not many people could stand his straightforwardness and sturdiness in scientific issues but those who could do it stay fascinated by him forever.
Prof. Vinogradov passed away on the 30th of September, 2012 at the age of 79. 

Olga Makarieva – PhD, hydrologist, modeller; from June 2012 a senior researcher in Gidrotehproekt Ltd. (St. Petersburg).


Tatyana Vinogradova – a professor of St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Geography and Geoecology. Tatyana is from those teachers who firstly attracted us to hydrology. Good science is created in a proper ambient; to establish it in a family it needs not only deep knowledge but also love, intuition and soul warmth. Tatyana possesses those qualities. It is always a big joy to visit Vinogradov's home.


Lyudmila Lebedeva – a PhD student in State Hydrological Institute (St. Petersburg), a junior researcher in Melnikov Permafrost Institute (Yakutsk).


Alexander Semenov – the main engine of the Hydrograph model project. Who knows, if not his birth in 2005 the model could have stayed within old paper reports of the State Hydrological Institute forever.